Just in time, Galaxy designs for your S9

Galaxy S9

The dark space around our world has so many colors and shapes, which any artist can appreciate. Bringing such a dark place to life with objects, planets, and gases create an opportunity to design a wonderful case for you and us to see. Our eyes can revolutionize our surroundings just like the camera in the Galaxy S9. With each design, you have an opportunity to personalize your devices.

We tried to adapt our designs to match the unpacked excitement of Samsungs latest release, the Galaxy S9, and S9+. Taking the space around us and reimage it in abstract form on each of our designs. Now your case can impact what you unpack. Our abstract cases will bring the colors and shapes of space to the case of choice for your phone.

See below some brief information on how we bring our designs to your phone case.


  • jCarone on

    There is nothing like seeing the artist work her creation in person with her background music…Phenomenal!🎨

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